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BakeArts Ultimate Cookie Decorating Set

Ready, Set, Start Cookie Decorating! Our Ultimate Cookie Decorating Starter Set includes everything you need to start decorating beautiful cookies, and it comes at a great value! Whether an avid Cookier, wanting to start a Cookie decorating business, or simply wishing to learn a new hobby, this set contains everything that you'll need to Bake up some Art!

Our Ultimate Starter Set includes TEN types of products: 

Cookie Stencils (Set of 4) - Designs included are our Small Hearts Pattern, Small Stars Pattern, Small Polka Dots Pattern, and Thin Stripes Pattern Cookie Stencils. 

BakeArt Icing Scrapers (Set of 3) - Use these Scrapers to easily apply Royal Icing when cookie stenciling.

Magnets (Set of 12) - Use these magnets to hold your cookie stencils down in place while applying Royal Icing or Airbrushing.

Piping Bags (Set of 100) - 10.5" Disposable and Tipless piping bags

Coupler - Standard size coupler.

Piping Tip - PME Piping Tip#1.5. Everyone's favorite size! This PME Supatube Piping Tip is the perfect tip to use for fine details on cakes and cookies, and for flooding royal icing on cookies. 

Boo Boo Sticks (Set of 3) - These two-in-one tools, are a must have for all Cookie and Cake decorators! Perfect for popping bubbles, cleaning up edges and much more! 

Plaque Cookie Cutter - This plastic cookie cutter measures 3 1/2" W x 2 1/4" H. 

Recipe Card- Our Perfect Sugar Cookie recipe.

Recipe Card - Our Perfect Royal Icing recipe. 

*each of these items can also be purchased individually

*items in Set are subject to availability and will be substituted with similar items if needed.