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Card Suit Cookie Stencil

Bake your cards right! Our Card Suit Cookie Stencil is available in two template sizes. This design measures about 1.65" and features the four suits of cards - hearts, clubs, spades and diamonds. This cookie stencil is perfect for decorating cookies for birthday parties, poker and casino events, bachelor parties and more! 

Want this design as a pattern? We've got it in 2 options! Shop our Playing Cards Pattern Cookie Stencil and our Deck of Cards Cookie Stencil Set

All BakeArt Stencils are designed and made in the USA. We use a food safe plastic that is 5 mil in thickness, very durable and absolutely reusable! All of our 5.5 inch x 5.5 inch templates fit the Stencil Genie and Stencil Snap holders.