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Notta Cookie

This reusable practice cookie is great to use with our BakeArt Cookie Stencils

Notta Cookie is an amazingly simple, and extremely useful, practice cookie! Practice up your stenciling, painting, piping, lettering, etc. without baking anything. Once you're got it down, you'll be ready to decorate real cookies with less waste.

Notta Cookie is reusable, and dishwasher safe. Just clean it off and use it again... and again... and again! It's also an amazing tool for teaching decorating classes! Imagine grabbing a bunch of Notta Cookies from a bin and handing them to students - with no baking prep! Simply a must have for all Cookiers!

The Notta Cookie measures 3.5". 

(Cookie Video compliments of The Cookie Momster Kitchen and shows Royal Icing being spread over our Fall Pumpkins Pattern Cookie Stencil )