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PYO Cookie Decorating Starter Set

Our PYO Cookie Decorating Starter Set includes everything you need to create fun Paint Your Own Cookies, and it comes at a great value! Kids of all ages love this cookie 'coloring' activity! Our BakeArt Starter Set is perfect for decorating party favors and celebratory sweets!

Our Paint Your Own Starter Set includes:

PYO Cookie Stencils (Set of 3) - Designs included are our Cupcake, Balloons Bunch, and PYO Paint Palette Stencils.

PYO Cookie Cutter - This square shaped cookie cutter measures 4 1/2" W x 3 1/2". (includes a 1" sectioned space to place your cookie paints). The indention in between is the perfect space to lay the paint brush.

PYO Paint Brushes (Set of 12) - These food safe paint brushes are great for kids to use when decorating PYO Cookies! Sized perfectly to fit with Cookie Cutter.

*each of these items can also be purchased individually; brushes color subject to change upon availability